Author: Elia Marchesan

I have experience with social media marketing, and I first promoted my own online store before switching to clickbank affiliate marketing. Recently, I made the decision to launch my own social media marketing company using social media influencer pooling, or SMIP. Through our agency, we assist tech companies in connecting with a global influencer network to advertise their products. Gen Z engagement through our SMIP agency is the best strategy for expanding a tech brand.

Are you a brand in the tech niche that wants to improve client retention, get more sales, and grow faster? But you don’t know how to achieve that goal. Then I have a solution for you with which companies get on average a 5:1 ROI and improve their client retention in less than 1 month. It’s called influencer marketing, but we use a totally new approach to it, called influencer pooling marketing, a network of hundreds of influencers that helps your company get amazing results and tap into the Gen Z market. Benefits of Influencer Marketing We truly believe in…

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